Vocalise FAQ

How much does it cost?     It’s £5 a session, pay as you go.

I’ve never really sung before and I’m not sure if I can.  Does that matter?  Not at all!  The whole point of this group is to be easy going and fun, with no pressure or big commitments.

What kind of music will we sing?  There will be a mix of rounds, ditties and songs in simple harmony parts from various genres of music such as pop, musicals, jazz and world music.  I’ll also be happy to listen to suggestions!

Am I too young/old for this caper?  Of course not!  This is open to everyone – come on your own, bring a friend, whatever you want to do.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Read my testimonials here or on the http://www.vocallective.london website to find out the kind of experience you can expect.

Will there be performances?  Because the group is of a drop-in nature, I wouldn’t plan any performances until further down the line when everyone is confident.  After that, if there was interest in performing in public, gigs could be booked.