Vocal Coaching testimonials


“After being part of Christina’s choir and then a private student, I realised one-to-one coaching was something I wish I’d done a long time ago.
Christina is great at helping you to understand and develop your voice.  Her calm and methodical approach to vocal coaching, has made me more aware of what I want to achieve whilst singing.  I now often find myself ‘tuning’ my voice in my bathroom “studio” – and getting the desired results!

I can thoroughly recommend Christina – for her talent and the wholly enjoyable experience that her coaching is”.    Christopher Crawford, Forest Hil

“I can highly recommend Christina.  She is professional and attentive.  Will definitely return.  Thank you very much Christina!”   Marina D, Bexley

“Really enjoyed my sessions with Christina.  I was so nervous but she was so kind and welcoming.  Definitely going back for more lessons as she is really encouraging and professional.”    Liz B, Sidcup

“If you’d said to me that I’d take up singing in my 60s I wouldn’t have believed you.  However the opportunity presented itself and it was good fun and not scary at all.  After a while I was struggling with the low notes so I sought Christina’s help.  It turned out that I had been starting songs too low and I wasn’t using all my vocal range.  Christina is now helping me to find my real singing voice and to use the range best suited to me.   I have a lesson with her once a month and she suggests points to practise in between.  Christina is a brilliant teacher, patient and very encouraging.  She deals with relaxation, posture, breathing and voice projection as well as introducing new songs that she thinks will work for me.  The lessons are relaxed and enjoyable and I feel that I’m making progress.” Lynne Brown, Sidcup