Vocalise testimonials

“Having wanted to join a singing group for some time, joined Vocalise hoping it would be the sort of class I had been looking for. It exceeded my expectations greatly.
Christina is a very professional teacher and has encouraged our (lovely) group tremendously.  I feel that the class offers many benefits – an hour of an active self-meditation but within a group. A time to detach oneself for other thoughts, sharing harmonies and enthusiasm for musical pleasure and thus relaxation. It is a time for working reasonably hard but not uncomfortably.  The variety of song styles is eclectic and in other languages too, making for new linguistic pathways. A boost for the soul and the brain!”  Catherine Allen
“I can highly recommend Christina’s Vocalise Singing Class. She is a fantastic teacher and very professional. Joining a singing class is a good way to meet new people and it’s so uplifting and a welcome distraction from everyday life. I would certainly encourage anyone to give it a try and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. The class has become a highlight of my week. It’s great fun and thoroughly enjoyable.” Diane (Sidcup)
“I am now in my second year with Vocalise and have enjoyed the class so much. I have a lung problem and to start with I struggled to sing two words together, now I can sing almost every word! Recommended by the British Lung Foundation as a way to exercise your lungs.   I look forward to this class every week. Christina brings pure joy to the lesson and the variety of songs we sing suits everyone. You go home with a spring in your step and a song in your heart,  a smile on your face”. Val Spencer
“What a great way to spend an hour. Christina is a really good teacher who encourages everyone to give it their best. It always makes me feel so good and it’s lovely to spend time with friends”.  Lesley Snashfold
Thank you for all the fun I have had in your Tuesday singing class. For the rest of the day I always felt so good and relaxed.” M Kelly
“I am really enjoying this group. It’s very good fun, and Christina is a very capable and inspiring teacher. She is helping everybody gain confidence and enjoy group singing. Beginners are especially welcomed and there is no need to be shy – we can all gain from learning to use our voices. Do come along, it’s a great way to spend an hour – I really recommend it!” Liz Barrett


“Previously I’ve joined various choirs but I never felt comfortable or thought I had a voice to sing. Thanks to Christina’s professional ways of teaching I immediately felt so relaxed and she gave me plenty of confidence. As a result, I believe that I do have a voice and I can really sing. Therefore I will continue to sing with Christina, because I love singing.” Dammi Holbourne

“Although I had not sung for over 10 years, I replied to an invitation to join a choir. I walked into a hall full of similarly aged people and a young lady, Christina, obviously in charge. After a warm-up and singing a couple of rounds to get things going, we were coached through a modern classic pop song, arranged in three parts. Very quickly under Christina’s guidance (she has a voice that obviously spans the octaves), the choir has started to sound very acceptable indeed. Christina, thanks for all your patience and professionalism and for a very enjoyable weekly session”. Jackie Hare