Singing Workshops

Vocalise Workshops are a moveable feast that work to suit your occasion. A standard evening workshop would last approximately 75 minutes, but length and content would be discussed so that I could plan a session that’s perfect for your group.  Whether the focus was on team building, creativity or just a jolly, I have a huge range of experience and repertoire that would engage even the most resistant of singers!  The testimonial below gives a great example of what to expect:

Christina has delivered two Singing Workshops with Forest Hill WI.

She starts off with fun games to get everyone laughing. After that she progresses to singing ditties and rounds – these sound so effective that it makes people feel good about singing in a group setting and prepares them for what comes next: learning a song arrangement in a two or three part harmony!

Christina’s relaxed teaching methods make learning harmonies easy, even if you’ve never sung before. The songs she uses are so accessible that you would be amazed how much you end up learning in just an hour. There was a real sense of achievement in the group at the end and this, in combination with the uplifting benefits of singing, left us all feeling really great.

I can definitely recommend Christina’s workshops as a WI activity. It made such a big impression on me I’ve actually decided to join her choir!

Helen Brown, Forest Hill WI Committee

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