Singing Therapy


The benefits of singing are well documented.  Singing provides many benefits for the elderly. Ongoing research has shown that regular singing can lift your spirits, increase your immunity and provide a workout for your brain and lungs. These benefits are significant not just for those experiencing mild to moderate dementia, but for everyone.

According to Playlist for Life, music has been shown to reduce dementia symptoms such as agitation, anxiety and aggression. It can also enhance verbal communication and help people recall and elicit positive memories.

My 45 minute sessions cover a wide range of singing activities – starting with warm up exercises and games to stimulate the mind and open up the body.  This is usually followed with simple rounds that the residents may already be familiar with.  After this I use call and response songs to get the residents singing repeated phrases back to me – often in foreign languages, which stimulates the brain a little further.  Finally I integrate well known songs from pop music to traditional folk songs or hymns with music that they have great fun joining in with.  I have had moving, unexpected and delightful responses to my work and the sessions are highly popular.